How To Do Marketing Like A Professional

How to do marketing like a professional by Evolution Engineers, a Digital Marketing Consultancy. Learn the one thing that separates professional marketing from amateur marketing; it is one thing that makes a big difference.

So, stop talking about TikTok. And stop talking about your favourite TV creative, or the latest results of your PPC campaign. 

At least for now. And get ready to learn how to do marketing like a professional.

Full Video Transcript

Stop talking about TikTok.

And stop talking about your favourite TV creative, or the latest results of your PPC campaign.  

At least for now.

There is one thing that professional marketers do, talk about, truly understand that makes them different. And that difference is pretty much just that one thing.

It is one thing that they spend an entire career improving, testing, learning about.

That’s what we are discussing today

How to do marketing like a professional

Here is a controversial point.

The difference between professional and amateur marketing is not whether they get paid or not. That is too reductionist, too simple.

By that simplistic definition Vincent Van Gogh, one of the greatest and most influential artists of all time, was barely a professional artist. He produced more than 900 paintings in his lifetime and only sold one.

I’ve met many brilliant marketers who barely get paid. And I’ve also met some highly paid marketers who aren’t actually great at marketing.  

How do you do marketing like a professional?

By knowing, like really knowing your target audience and what they need. Their pain points. Their stressors and motivation. What keeps them awake at night and what gets them up in the morning.

Marketing, brilliant professional marketing, comes from knowing one thing, incredibly well.

The target audience.

The target audience

The target audience is the marketers’ boss. They define success. They have the casting vote. They vote with their feet, their time and ultimately, their money.

Amateur marketers are often obsessed with the ‘best marketing’. Which company has the best logo? Who has the best landing page? Which marketing channel gives the best return on investment?

A professional marketer asks, “To whom?”. “To whom are we marketing to?”

Which is the best logo that appeals to this specific group of people who look, feel, think, behave in a particular way.

What landing page works best for my target audience?

If the target audience is a busy forty-year-old who is cash-rich but time-poor, that landing page will look distinctly different to if the target audience is a retired, price-sensitive seventy-year-old.

The marketing channel, which gives your company the best return on investment, will ultimately depend on who your target audience is.

The Cruise Industry Audience

A few years ago, we worked with a few marketing students who were doing their final year project, which was a marketing campaign for a cruise brand in the UK.

Their initial campaign ideas were full of marketing that appealed to them. It was loud, in-your-face, cheeky taglines. The marketing channel selection was young; it was Snapchat and TikTok.

Their marketing ideas were brilliant; if they were marketing to themselves.

But the UK cruise market is older, more conservative. More traditional. To that audience, the students marketing would have appeared amateurish and ineffective.

The professional marketer truly knows and understand the target audience. Then from there comes the brilliant marketing: the clever campaigns, creative with cut-through and channels which deliver high return on investment.

Professional Marketing – it is up to you

Ultimately, that leaves the decision up to you. Whether someone or some company pay you for your marketing skills is almost irrelevant.

The decision to be an amateur or a professional marketer is up to you. It is whether you know your target audience well enough to find products, services, messaging, channels and creative that resonates with them.

You can only create a message that matters, that resonates with an audience if you know that audience.

And if you do that, yes, you probably will become a paid professional marketer. You are marketing like a professional.