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Evolution Engineers helps you discover your brand’s current performance and understand how to achieve a higher return across digital disciplines.

Working in partnership, through the
Discovery phase we will:

  • Assess current practises and processes
  • Unearth risk and potential value
  • Objectively advise on how to achieve and maintain success

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Performance Review Outputs

  • Highlighted priority areas to focus efforts
  • Benchmarking report of maturity across digital and within disciplines
  • Transparency of cost and commission structures of existing investments
  • Understanding of the interdependencies across digital and the broader business
  • Extensive list of recommendations to improve performance which can be implemented by us, existing agencies or in-house teams

All The News, Not Just The Good News

Without independent assessment, there is a tendency of agency and in-house teams to have ‘survivorship bias’. Here the ‘good news’ is shared, without due consideration to what hasn’t been as successful.

Reviews are not about finding faults; it is about becoming a performance partner who helps discover what is happening and make recommendations for improvement.

Benefits Of Digital Performance Reviews

  • Real results: Typically, outputs deliver an ROI of five to ten times fees
  • Reality check: Uncovers the previously unknown
  • Objectivity: Recommendations for improvement
  • Motivation: In-house and agency teams inspired to continually improve and optimise
  • Confidence: Independent of parent agencies or media owners gives stakeholders assurance in approach and investment

Using Performance Reviews

Businesses are increasingly investing in digital; larger media budgets, new technology, more agencies and in-house teams. The more investment the more importance should be placed on measuring performance, benchmarking against best-practise and making improvements.

Evolution Engineers provide expert, independent auditing which assesses the performance of your digital disciplines.

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From Discover To Design

After uncovering the issues and opportunities, the next stage is designing the plan to improve performance.

Design: Strategy & Planning

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