Heathrow Case Study

Driving Digital Performance at Heathrow

Eight-month assignment beginning with immersion in the business at Heathrow Airport.

  • Digital revenue growth had been plateauing over the last five years
  • An increasingly competitive environment with lower prices in the market with turbulent external factors (Brexit, strikes)
  • Stakeholder engagement across the business to understand context and ambition
Key Product Revenue

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If you want digital step-change, work with Evolution Engineers.”

Peter Burns, Heathrow’s Director of Marketing & Digital

Peter Burns At Heathrow

Discover: Analytics Review

After investment in digital, there had been an explosion of data and a vacuum of insights. To achieve progress, the benchmarking showed the approach to data needed to mature; going from the limited and siloed approaches to launching a ‘Data-Driven Operating Model’ (DDOM).

Benchmarking Analytics

Discover: Performance Reviews 

Design: Strategy & Planning

The brief was clear. What could digital achieve and how do you share digital and commercial accountabilities across a complex organisation?

Design: Forecasting the Future

  • Using data science, a unique model to understand the potential performance across key ecommerce metrics was built
  • Accountability framework created to share and measure success across numerous commercial touchpoints
  • Presented to and refined with a broad range of commercial and operational stakeholders
Forecasting The Future

Design: Strategy & Planning 

Do: Implement & Optimise

Over 40 recommendations to improve specific areas of performance implemented.

Do: Merchandising to Millions of Visitors

  • Specific optimisation to individual steps in the purchase journey
  • Content enhancements for key promotional areas
  • Technical improvements on page rendering to better the user experience

In-house teams applied recommendations as a cost-effective approach.

Recommended measurement framework being used to assess uplift from the test and appraisal of broader commercial impact

Graph Showing Heathrow's Website Conversion Rate

Do: Implement & Optimise 

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