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Founder & Director – James Lee

Evolution Engineers is a digital performance consultancy which gives ambitious brands top tier talent on tap to achieve commercial targets through improving digital performance.

We deliver:

  • Experts every step of the way: The A-team pitch and deliver
  • Independent, objective, data-driven truth
  • Simplicity from often complex concepts

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What Makes Us Unique

  • Putting clients, not commercials first: When our clients succeed, we succeed
  • An entirely independent, objective voice: Free from any conflicts of interest
  • We measure what matters: Avoiding vanity metrics with a focus on metrics which lead to action
  • The clarity in communication: To quote Orwell, we try to “never use a long word, when a short one will do.”
  • We listen to our clients and the industry: Having something worth saying means listening to a lot first

How Evolution Engineers Began

Evolution Engineers was launched by James in 2019. The Digital Performance Consultancy was born out of three beliefs:

  • Digital is the future
  • Brands need support in improving digital
  • The marketplace is confusing and complicated

We want to empower every organisation to achieve its full potential by being brilliant at Digital. We help brands achieve that through being:

  • Progressive: Daring to shape a better future
  • Smart: Analytical and thrive on solving problems
  • Collaborative: Being better together

Our Principles

  • Doing something unimportant well does not make it important
  • Lack of time is lack of priorities
  • There is gold everywhere, just most people aren’t trained to see it
  • The most significant actions are never comfortable
  • Just because they say it can’t be done doesn’t make it so

Why Leaders Work With Us

Achieve Their Commerical Ambitions

Growing the business to reach its potenial


The trusted source where businesses go to grow

Reduce The Risk

Reduce the risk of hiring their own extensive marketing team and investing in media

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